Price Policy

Author Charges

The Article Processing Charge (APC) allows IJREL to provide open access to all the articles it publishes. The fee is set at a minimal possible level to ensure the inclusivity of submissions. It covers the publishing services provided by IJREL and allows for its continued operations. The fee covers the following services:

  • Online tools for editors and authors
  • Articles’ production, secure hosting, and dissemination
  • Abstracting and indexing
  • Customer support

The fee is payable upon the acceptance of a paper for publication. The fee in the amount of €150 (does not include VAT or local taxes) must be paid by the authors, their institution, or funder before the paper is made publicly available. Authors whose papers get accepted for publishing will be notified of the approval and the outstanding payment. Please note that papers will not be published until the APC is paid.

APC can be paid via a credit card using IJREL’s secure payment processing system or via a bank transfer, in which case the author must request the invoice and arrange for the payment within 30 days following the paper’s publication approval.