The Examining evidence to prove the claim in the appeals court


  • Bahar Daryan PhD student in private law



Evidence to prove the claim, legal requirements, civil procedure, appeal of claims


As the evidence is of special importance in different courts, including primary, appeals and appeals، the legal requirements governing the evidence in the appeal stage in legal claims is one of the important topics of the appeal, therefore, in this article, which is prepared and arranged in a descriptive and analytical method, the basic question is which legal requirements govern.

The results of the research show that legal laws such as civil procedure have a special order for presenting and proving evidence in the appeal stage. Also, in the appeal stage, the failure to express the reason in the initial stage and the lack of evaluation of the reason in the initial stage should be observed. It is worth it. It should be noted that in the presentation of evidence at the appeal stage, requirements such as the principle of effectiveness, the principle of relevance, the principle of citation and the power of proof must be observed


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