Intellectual Property and Economic Development: Catalysts for Innovation and Growth


  • Arsan Lakani 1. LL.M. in European Legal Studies at the University of Torino, Italy



Intellectual property, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology transfer, public health


This article explores the complex relationship between intellectual property (IP) and financial growth, explaining how strong IP laws promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development. It explores how intellectual property rights facilitate technology transfer, encourage R&D investments, and support the growth of knowledge-driven economies by referencing recent studies and policy initiatives. It also addresses important IP disputes and challenges, such as the availability of essential pharmaceuticals, the spread of technology, and the fine line that must be drawn between protecting the public interest and promoting innovation. This study emphasizes the critical role that intellectual property plays in determining the direction of global economic growth and prosperity from a multidisciplinary standpoint. To better understand the intricate connection between intellectual property (IP) and the development of the economy, this article looks at how strong IP laws can promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and long-term growth. It examines how intellectual property rights encourage investment in R&D, ease technology transfer, and promote the establishment of knowledge-based economies, drawing on recent studies and legislative initiatives. It also discusses important IP-related issues and debates, including as the distribution of technology, the difficulty of obtaining necessary medications, and how to strike a balance between fostering innovation and protecting the interests of the general public. This study emphasizes the relevance of intellectual property in determining the course of future global prosperity and economic growth through a multidisciplinary perspective.v


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